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Our Approach Towards Advocacy

We Engage

To create global, meaningful change in the way children are cared for, we partner with advocates and allies at every level: from international decision-makers to children and their families.

We Follow the Money

Individuals, governments, charities and private donors worldwide give many millions of pounds, euros and dollars to orphanages. We believe that when diverted away from such institutions, and then invested strategically, these funds could be part of the solution, helping enact a global shift toward a community-based model of care. 

Lumos understands the financing of orphanage systems. We also know how to shift money to the right place.

  • Our overarching aim is to persuade funders to shift support from orphanages to community-based care. This includes working with people, organisations and governments that are currently funding orphanages. These donors and investors include the European Union and the US Government;
  • International financial institutions such as the World Bank;
  • Private donors, such as private trusts and foundations, faith-based communities, companies and individuals.

We Influence Policies and Legislation

We can only achieve meaningful, lasting change when a government is willing and committed to rethinking its care system. Therefore, we work closely with governments to ensure that their laws and policies reflect the rights of children to live in a family environment.

We Listen to the Voices of Young People

We show how caring for children in a nurturing family environment is better for children, families and society as a whole. We also advocate on behalf of children and, most importantly, support children as they speak up for themselves. We believe in the power of young people to make change in their own lives and in their communities.