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A girl in Ukraine sits alone on a bed

Ukraine Emergency Appeal: Help Keep children safe

Right now, our team is working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to provide support to children trapped in orphanages, to provide emergency food, hygiene and medical kits, to help keep some of the most vulnerable children safe. But we need your help.

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We’ve been supporting the government in Ukraine to reform the care system to better protect vulnerable children and prevent family separation. The invasion by Russian forces means more children are now in danger.

Lumos has been working extensively in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, west of the capital Kyiv, an area now under attack from Russian forces. Prior to the invasion, there were over 1,500 children trapped in orphanages in the region, and around 100,000 children living in institutions in the country.

Children in Ukraine face an uncertain future and are at risk of displacement and family separation. We urgently need your support to help protect as many children as we can by providing emergency food, hygiene and medical kits, and by helping to support families and foster carers to look after displaced and traumatised children.

We urgently need vital funds to:

Prevent Family Separation

Support children in orphanages, such as those with disabilities, who may be left behind, and help keep children with their families.

Psychological support

Provide psychological support to children affected by the conflict

Send resources to vulnerable families

Send emergency food, hygiene and medical kits

Please help Lumos protect vulnerable children in Ukraine today

Your gift and partnership will support the reunification of children with their families, provide emergency aid, and allow our team to advocate for children and ensure they aren’t forgotten in this time of crisis.

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