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By 2050 all children will grow up in loving, nurturing, protective families.

Because children belong in families, not orphanages

Eight million children live in orphanages and other institutions globally. More than 80% are not orphans but have been separated from their families because of poverty and discrimination. Orphanages harm children, exposing them to all forms of abuse and trafficking.

We rescue children from orphanages and reunite them with families. We change education, health and social care systems so all children and families can access the care and protection they deserve.

Because only families provide the building blocks children need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Wesley's story: "We were merchandise"

Wesley is a 17 year old boy, who lives happily with his family in their village in Haiti. He is bright and articulate, and he loves his mother very much. “Sometimes when I go to bed, I forget to take my pillow – and my mom will come and put one under my head. This makes me feel good.” But Wesley has not always lived with the love and protection of his mother’s care. From the age of ten, he lived in an orphanage.

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Youth Participation at Lumos

Youth participation means the empowerment of children and young people to be decisionmakers in their own lives, leaders in their communities, and to have a voice in policymaking.

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