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Working with Others

Our Approach Is Based on Evidence

We help our partners leverage resources to make real and lasting change for children. This strategy is flexible and sustainable, and rooted in evidence of success. 

Lumos actively engages with multilateral, bilateral, philanthropic, corporate and individual donors.

We provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions. We assist donors in review of funding procedures in order to ensure their work will strengthen families. We encourage them to support reform of community-based services, and help them avoid inadvertently funding orphanages.

Through advocacy, programmes and research, Lumos seeks to transform systems that do not support families, and replace them with resources that help families provide the loving care children need to develop their full potential. This way, together, children and their families will build positive futures for themselves.

Our Flexible Model 

Our work began in Eastern Europe when urgent need became apparent during the post-Communist era. Since then, we have expanded into Latin America and the Caribbean, and will continue to identify other regions where we can help children and families. Lumos goes where the need is greatest.