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Financial Reports 2018

Children belong in families,
not orphanages

Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Lumos’ annual report gives an overview of our work this year, as well as our financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2018.

At Lumos we’re fighting for a world without orphanages and institutions. We believe every child has the right to grow up and thrive in a safe and caring family. Together with our partners, we’re building an unstoppable movement for change.

Thanks to the help of generous supporters like you, we’re working hard to tackle the root causes of family separation – poverty, trafficking and discrimination – and reunite families. We couldn’t do it without you.

We’d like to thank you for all you’ve done this year. You’re helping us achieve great things for children around the world.

Our global impact in 2018

For over a decade, our programmes have demonstrated that another way is possible. That it’s possible and affordable to transform care systems, close institutions and safely reunite families.

We’re showing that children do better in families, even in challenging contexts. And thanks to you, we’re changing policies, practice, funding and public awareness to move towards a world where all children live in nurturing, protective families.

Here are some of the great things supporters like you have helped achieve:


  • We started to work in the USA helping children separated at the US/Mexico border, quickly mobilising to share our experience in family reunification
  • We expanded our work helping migrant children around the world
  • We laid the foundations for an emergency foster care programme in Ethiopia
  • We provided social workers and translators at migrant reception centres in Bulgaria


  • We trained 5,815 professionals in the skills needed to transform care systems
  • We provided technical guidance in 22 countries
  • We began developing an online training programme


  • We helped the Haitian government to assess 571 orphanages in Haiti, most of which were operating illegally, which helped to ban the opening of new orphanages
  • We supported the Haitian government to shut down four orphanages
  • We launched an awareness and fundraising campaign for the Early Institutionalisation Intervention Impact Project (EI-3)


  • Following our advocacy work with partners, the UK government publicly recognised the harm institutions cause to children
  • We published a report documenting how €2.7 billion of European Structural and Investment Funds has been allocated to family and community living in Europe
  • We helped build a movement of 3,152 self-advocates, strengthening our work to influence policy-makers, professionals and NGOs

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