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There are some places you should never be a tourist. Orphanages are one of them

Our campaign #HelpingNotHelping - aims change people attitudes to volunteering in orphanages, and ultimately end it. Help us take action.

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Across the world an estimated 5.4 million children are living in orphanages and other institutions, and as a result, they are outside the care of a loving family. Most of these children have families that could look after them with the right support. Help us bring them home.

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Every Tweet, Facebook post and Instagram story that you put out about our work helps us spread our mission far and wide. Your voice makes a difference, and every time you stand-up for the 8 million children in institutions and orphanages around the world, you are part of our team, because #wearelumos.

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#HelpingNotHelping is our latest campaign to end orphanage tourism for good. Evidence shows that a regular turnover of volunteers and visitors can harm a child’s development and, in some cases, children are trafficked to orphanages to raise profits from donations and visitors. Find out more about campaign and what you can do to take action.

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All Children Count, But Not All Are Counted

World leaders agreed that the new development agenda outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would “leave no one behind”. Yet, as it stands, the new Goals will leave children living without parents and outside families, in institutions or orphanages, very far behind.

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