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Lumos launches new joint programme to support children and families in Ukraine


Lumos launches new joint programme to support children and families in Ukraine

In response to the challenges of the war in Ukraine, Lumos and NGO Ukraine without Orphans, with the financial support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, have launched a new programme, receiving $1.75m from the UHF.

This programme that covers integrated protection, education and mental health support to returnee and internally displaced children and families is a short-term programme of financial assistance to families. It focuses on families with children, including those of internally displaced people,those raising two or more children, children with disabilities and children with special educational needs. It will cover the Zhytomyr, Sumy and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine and run for 12 months.

The programme will provide an opportunity to support the most vulnerable families with children, including those who were forced to leave their homes and find shelter in other regions. The aid will contribute to decent provision of the family's basic needs and supporting families in raising children.

In this difficult time for Ukraine, such support is incredibly important. This is a vivid example of the implementation of the values and principles of the Lumos in the protection of children's rights in Ukraine during the war and the consistent policy of supporting families with children affected by the war.

“This new partnership, funded by UHF, is leading to real action, providing help that is needed right now. It makes it possible to support families who are especially in need, families who have lost everything and have many problems. We hope and believe that such assistance is an effective way of supporting the family for the child and the child for the family.”

-Yaroslav Laguta, Country Director at Lumos