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Young people can make a difference: International Youth Day

Young Advocates

Young people can make a difference: International Youth Day

“The only thing you must do is to truly want to do something. The desire and insistence open the doors that look impossible to be open.” - Pavel, Youth Advisory from Moldova 

Lumos created the Lumos Youth Advisory Board (YAB) in Moldova, in April 2017. Pavel had been supported by Lumos previously after being placed in foster care and attended several events run by Lumos.

Pavel quickly became a valuable member of the group. Participating in many activities and events, that directly contributed to his personal growth.

Step by step, Pavel become more vocal on care reform. Becoming especially passionate about the necessity to develop and increase the quality of social services. He also insisted on the necessity to train service providers for their work to be more child focused.

Pavel was one of the most active members of YAB. He developed skills in public speaking, organising group activities, co-training, and promoting care reform. Pavel participated at two Lumos Youth Forums organised in London (2018) and in Prague (2019). At the conference on Alternative Care in Geneva (2016) and at the European Parliament in 2019, he spoke on the importance of redirecting funds from institutions to family-type services.

Pavel's time on the YAB has come to an end, however, he continues to be involved in Lumos' work. Since autumn 2022, Pavel become a Child Youth Participatory consultant in Moldova. There, he is supporting the Lumos team, including being part of two big events organised by Lumos at the Moldovan Parliament.


International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August, bringing youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrating the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society.

The idea for International Youth Day was proposed in 1991 by the young people who were gathered in Vienna, Austria, for the first session of the World Youth Forum of the United Nations System. The Forum recommended that an International Youth Day be declared, especially for fund-raising and promotional purposes, to support the United Nations Youth Fund in partnership with youth organizations. -United Nations