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How We Train Others

Areas of Technical Support

The Global Training and Advisory Service (GTAS) provides both in-country and long-distance support. The main areas of technical assistance include:

  • Facilitation of study visits for delegations
  • Provision of training in a number of specialist areas in relation to the process of deinstitutionalisation
  • Technical advice
  • Support with development of tools and publications intended to assist practitioners and staff with the closure of institutions and the development of new services. 

Our Training Events

GTAS organises and commissions training in several areas related to the implementation of deinstitutionalisation programmes and processes, including:

  • Train the trainer, and other specialised training in assessment and care planning
  • Preparation of children and families
  • Child protection
  • Development of financial strategies for transferring resources in child care systems
  • Youth participation
  • Training for staff working in children's services such as small group homes, among others.

GTAS also organises an annual Lumos flagship deinstitutionalisation training, Introduction to Deinstitutionalisation. This four-day course focuses on all aspects of the transformation to a child-focused, family- and community-based model of care. 

Highlights from Our Training

Requests for help 

For more information on our training and technical support, or to request our support, you can contact us at We will endeavor to reply to all requests as quickly as possible.