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Our Global Training and Advisory Service team provides a wide range of technical assistance to countries around the world. While many of these programmes are customised for the individual needs of a country or organisation, we also provide publicly available Lumos training resources that you can watch or download below.

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Knowledge Portal

The Knowledge Portal is a collection of resources from a variety of organisations that focuses on preventing children from being separated from their families. The portal has been created as part of The Atlantic Philanthropies-supported Knowledge Transfer Project, in collaboration with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre at NUI Galway and the UNESCO programme at Pennsylvania State University.

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Virtual Study Visits 

The Virtual Study Visit resources have been developed for professionals who are involved in the transition from institutional to community and family-based care.

The videos below are password protected and used for professional training purposes. Please email to request access.

Easy-to-Read Resources 

Easy-Read and Easy-to-Read resources are written for young children and for children with early reading skills. They are designed in an easy-to-read format that is also accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.