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Our Child-Centred Approach

Reuniting children from orphanages with loving families gives them a second chance. Lumos supports children every step of the way, helping them take a lead role in transforming care.

Our Child-Centred Approach Involves:

  • Giving children the care they need. This means closing down orphanages and moving children into families, foster care or a small group home.
  • Keeping children at home in the first place. Most children in orphanages could be in a loving, protective family environment. By supporting families, we can help children stay at home.
  • Providing practical support, advice and training by shifting resources to community-based services, while giving existing staff new skills and local employment opportunities.
  • Changing attitudes, policies, and practices forever. No child should live in an orphanage. By working together, with international donors, governments and communities we can achieve change. Forever.