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Working Together

To solve this problem globally, Lumos works in many partnerships. We make change happen at every level, from international decision-makers to the individual child.

Lumos’ Seven Levels of Engagement:

International Decision-Makers and Funders 

Working with the UN, the European Union, the US Government, the World Bank, and others, we divert money away from institutions towards services that prevent the separation of children from their families, friends and communities.

National Governments & Civil Society 

We work with governments to strengthen the political will to change. We also provide training in the skills to do so. We have influenced legislation, regulations and national standards in countries, including Moldova, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Serbia.

Local Government and Statutory Services 

Our aim is to strengthen the delivery of community-based health, education and social services. We assist in restructuring care systems at a local level to make them more accessible to marginalised children. We also work with local authorities to transfer resources from institutions to community-based services.

Local Communities and Civil Society 

Our work supports local organisations to develop the resources needed to deliver high-quality services for children and their families. We also raise awareness among local communities. This empowers them to welcome children returning from institutions and to support vulnerable families.


Children in orphanages need our help now Yet, moving children into family-based care takes time. As soon as we begin work with institutions, we work to improve the health, development and protection of children in their care. We involve staff in every stage of the process, turning potential resistance into positive change for children.


Reuniting a child with their family can be complex, so we provide support. We help families to develop their parenting skills, or to find employment or housing. We also help to establish local support services for children with disabilities.


We provide support for every child. Making sure they get the care that they need, whether with their family, in foster care, or in a small group home. We help each child prepare for the move. We assess their needs and support them throughout the process. This empowers children and their families.