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Veliko: An update 5 years on

Young Advocates

Veliko: An update 5 years on

In 2017, we shared the story of Veliko. He began his experience as a self-advocate after experiencing bullying at school. By working with a group of other children like him, he was able to first reduce the violence at school, and eventually became the first young person with an intellectual disability to sit on Bulgaria‚Äôs national youth parliament.

We recently caught up with Veliko, who shared that he now works as a volunteer at a community centre for young adults with intellectual disabilities. This centre supports people to gain new skills and encourages socialising with peers.

Thinking back, his favourite memory is when he visited Scholastic in New York, USA, as a part of a unique United Nations experience. He dreams to be an advocate for global change and the Lumos mission. He wants constantly to improve his professional skills and find a good job after the project ends.

Recently, he was excited to share that he graduated in specialist Social Services & Social Management.

Now I am ready to give back my support to children and young people with and without disabilities and from vulnerable groups.

We are delighted to hear that Veliko is making such significant progress, both in his professional life and within his own community. We cannot wait to see the even greater positive impact he will make 5 years from now.

Veliko celebrating his graduation

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