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Tanya Motie


"It is an honour to join the Lumos board. It's a small, dynamic, effective charity with a clear focus - to get children out of the damaging environment of institutions and into loving family and community-based care. As a disabled woman with first hand experience of the care system, I admire the way Lumos works strategically with governments, NGOs and other agencies to close down institutions with evidence-based practical solutions, to ensure every child counts."

Tanya is a retired TV executive who has worked in the industry for 30 years. She describes herself as an internationalist - she is of mixed heritage British and Caribbean / Asian descent, has a degree in West African Studies and spent many years working for the BBC World Service. Tanya feels this experience - particularly on location in Ethiopia, Eritrea and China - helped shaped her global view. She also worked for CBBC and produced programmes giving children a platform, before becoming Channel Executive for BBC One and BBC Three. Tanya currently sits on the BBC Director General's Diversity Action Group, and mentors a number of disabled and BAME media professionals.

Tanya loves being a Londoner, where she lives with her Paralympic medal-winning husband and young daughter. As a former punk, music is still a passion - as is her way of looking at things from a different perspective.