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Sharing Expertise

Key Achievements

Since 2009 we have provided training and technical support to 34 countries globally, either in-country at our annual deinstitutionalisation training events or through technical advice. 

In 2016 Lumos trained more than 4,000 professionals, provided emergency support in Haiti and Greece, and remote support and advice in Japan, Malaysia and Jordan.

We have trained 31,693 professionals responsible for supporting vulnerable children, including social workers, medical professionals, teachers, carers, civil servants and policy-makers.

Our Expertise

The training team includes practitioners with years of experience in training and implementation of deinstitutionalisation programmes, and knowledge in specialist areas such as:

  • Social work assessment
  • Preparation of children for transition from institutional to community-based care
  • Child protection
  • Emergency support
  • Reunification of children with families
  • Early intervention
  • Development of family and specialised placements of children
  • Transfer of financial resources in child care systems
  • Training of local and national governments and officers
  • Retraining of institutional staff
  • Training and support of multi-agency children’s workforce staff
  • Specialist consultants.

Practitioners Working in the Field

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