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Darya: A story of two siblings

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Darya: A story of two siblings

My name is Darya*, and I’m 18 years old. My younger brother Dmytro* is 10 years old. Until 24th February 2022, we lived with our parents in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

When the war started, it was almost impossible to leave Kherson and move to other, safer parts of Ukraine. Finally in April, Dmytro and I were able to cross the Crimean border – but our parents could not come with us.

Crossing the border was a long and difficult process. My brother and I missed the bus and lost our tickets. We ended up in Estonia, from where, thanks to the kindness of volunteers, we managed to travel to Odessa, where we have an aunt.

When we reached my aunt’s home, Dmytro and I officially registered as internally displaced persons. Our parents remain in Kherson – there is no money for them to leave, nor any opportunity. They are farmers, and are forced to sell their products at very low prices just to be able to survive.

Darya receiving aid from Lumos

Before the war began, we were enjoying life in our city and in our country. I studied at University, and Dmytro went to school and played football, dreaming of becoming a champion and playing in the national team.

Now life has changed. Now I am dealing with the documents to formally adopt my brother. He will continue to study at school, and I will continue to go to University and work alongside that. I found a job at the market – I must maintain at least some standard of living, and I must try to help my parents.

I’m very glad that Lumos is providing help. We can talk to representatives and get support, as well as food and hygiene items which are enough for a long time. Lumos is doing a good job and I thank you very much for this.

You can support us so we can help more children and young people like Darya & Dmytro today.

*Names changed.