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Global Thematic Review: NGO Policy Brief

Global Thematic Review: NGO Policy Brief

This policy brief for NGOs contains key findings of the Lumos Global Thematic Review and a summary of recommendations regarding the education sector, care reform sector, private donors/funders and national and local governments in civil society.

For children to thrive, they need more than basic health, nutrition and hygiene: they also need individualised, nurturing care from a trusted adult – care that institutions, by their very nature, cannot provide.

There is widespread recognition that children have the right to both grow up in a family and to have a quality education that meets their needs. However, in recent years, Lumos’s programmatic work has highlighted that children’s rights to family life and education can sometimes be seen as contradictory or even mutually exclusive. We have also seen that innovative, practical and policy-based interventions can enable all children to fully enjoy both rights.

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