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read more about Lumos’ recommendations to the European Commission’s proposed New Pact on Migration and Asylum. (Policy Paper ) read more about Lumos’ submission to OHCHR on ending immigration detention of children & seeking adequate reception . (Policy Paper ) read more about Report on the transition from institutional care to community-based services in 27 EU member states. (Policy Paper ) read more about COVID-19: Call to action to protect vulnerable families and children in alternative care. (Policy Paper ) read more about COVID-19 crisis: People living in institutions must not be written off. (Policy Paper ) read more about Rethinking care: Improving support for unaccompanied migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children. (Publication) read more about Recommendations to the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2020-24. (Policy Paper ) read more about Recovering from Trauma as a Family: A guide for parents and caregivers. (Training Resource) read more about Inclusive Education Unit - Evaluation Report . (Publication) read more about Lumos' recommendations to EIB. (Policy Paper ) read more about Recommendations to the Commissioner for Equality. (Policy Paper ) read more about Recommendations to the Commissioner for International Partnerships. (Policy Paper )