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Young advocates join Lumos at UNHRC event in Geneva to back care reform


Young advocates join Lumos at UNHRC event in Geneva to back care reform

Since our inception, we have worked to elevate children in our international care reform efforts, so they too can have their opinions heard. This week, as Lumos attends a UNHRC event with two young people with lived experience, we continue this important tradition.

The Annual Day on the Rights of the Child on 14th March 2024 will be recognised by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Here, discussions will be held on children’s rights and inclusive social protection—emphasising the engagement of states, UN representatives, and children themselves.

Joining us at the Palace of Nations are Anna and Ivan:

  • Anna: a 15-year-old girl from Moldova with care experience, who has also worked on projects with refugee children at the local and national level.
  • Ivan: a 16-year-old boy from Ukraine currently living in Moldova.

These two extraordinary individuals will be present to share their experiences with senior stakeholders and advocate for positive changes to the care reform systems that shape the childhoods of their peers.

At our side event, ‘Bridging Gaps For Children’s Rights And Inclusive Social Protection ‘, we will be highlighting the role of birth registration as an enabler. We also aim to shine a light on the right of children to be cared for in a loving and supportive family, social protection for children with a disability and social protection of children in humanitarian situations and on the move.

This side event is a collaborative effort with partners including ATD Fourth World, Child Identity Protection (CHIP), Child Rights Connect, Consortium For Street Children, Family for Every Child, Hope and Homes for Children, Make Mothers Matter - MMM, Save the Children International, and SOS Children's Villages International.

Anna and Ivan, Lumos youth advocates in Geneva to attend the UN events

A brief history

In 2020, a collaborative effort by Lumos and its industry partners successfully influenced the European Union to include the 2024 UN Human Rights Council Annual Day on the Rights of the Child Resolution, focusing on 'Inclusive Social Protection.' The Human Rights Council, an inter-governmental body with 47 member states, plays a pivotal role in promoting and safeguarding human rights globally.

Through the resolution, we highlighted the importance of social protection systems to all UN Member States, in protecting children and families, as well as to create a priority in the programming of UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNDP and WHO.

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