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Care Reform Takes Shape in Embu County


Care Reform Takes Shape in Embu County

Strengthening the County and Sub-County Child Protection and Welfare Systems.

In a colourful event held at the Embu County Children's office on the 8th and 9th of February 2024, a significant step towards enhancing child protection and welfare systems took place. The inauguration of the Care Reform Committees marked a pivotal moment in the county's commitment to ensuring the well-being of vulnerable children.

The event, attended by over 75 stakeholders, including representatives from government agencies, faith-based organizations, and civil society, showcased the dedication of Embu County towards safeguarding its children. Among the distinguished guests were members of the County and Subcounty Children Advisory Councils, along with senior staff from the National Council for Children Services (NCCS).

Highlighting the importance of the newly formed Care Reform Committees, Mr. Shem Nyakutu, Secretary Directorate of Children's Services (DCS), emphasized their role in implementing care reform within the county. Madam Salome Muthama, representing Mr. Nyakutu, reiterated the government's commitment to retaining children within their families and communities, thereby reducing reliance on institutional care.

During the event, Mr. Stanley Hari from NCCS, gave a personal testimony of his life as a person with a disability and how his parents supported him to attend school.

‘My mother used to carry me to school, and later the community supported my father to purchase a bicycle which facilitated my transport to school, I was never institutionalized… There is no excuse to institutionalize children with a disability.”

Grace Mwangi, Senior Technical Advisor at Lumos, explained the need for care reform, citing alarming statistics revealing the vulnerability of over 3.6 million children categorized as orphans and vulnerable. She underscored Lumos's commitment to supporting the newly inaugurated committees in fulfilling their roles, including regular meetings and comprehensive training sessions.

Lumos Senior Technical Advisor, Grace Mwangi giving a speech at the event

Lumos also donated essential ICT equipment, including desktops and laptops, to bolster data management and information systems crucial for care reform implementation. The distribution of this equipment across the six Sub Counties of Embu elicited jubilation and optimism among stakeholders, with Sub County Children Officers expressing gratitude for the transformative impact on their work.

“This donation will bring a huge difference in my work.” - Jane, the Embu East Sub-County Children Officer.
Lumos Kenya donating ICT equipment

Looking ahead, stakeholders outlined a comprehensive roadmap for the future, including capacity-building initiatives, foster care training, and family and child assessments. The collective determination to prioritize the well-being of Embu's children was clear, with Bishop Gachungi encapsulating the optimism: 

"Care reform dots are joining. It is doable, it is going to be done, and our society is going to be better. When I heard about care reform, I thought it was not going to happen, I thought it was a joke but now it’s a reality."

With concerted efforts and unwavering commitment, Embu County stands poised to set a shining example in child welfare. 

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