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Lumos Moldova partners with Terre des Hommes Netherlands to help Ukrainian refugees


Lumos Moldova partners with Terre des Hommes Netherlands to help Ukrainian refugees

Project Aims

The rapidly growing refugee crisis sparked by the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022 saw Lumos, along with many other child rights protection organisations, shift towards the provision of humanitarian aid. Thanks to the support of both international and local partners and donors, we’ve been able to provide urgent life-changing support to internally displaced families in Ukraine as well as to refugees settling in Moldova.

One such partnership has been the implementation of the “Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Response in Moldova” project, financed by Terre des Hommes Netherlands and started in December 2022. The six-month project had a total budget of just under 200,000 Euros and was designed to support local authorities from four districts – Floreşti, Ialoveni, Glodeni and Teleneşti – in their efforts to provide help and support for refugee children and families hosted by local families. The project’s main objectives were:

  • To help refugee children and their families meet their basic and essential needs
  • To facilitate appropriate access to educational and healthcare services for refugee children
  • To engage these children in community child and youth participation activities
  • To strengthen capacities of the national and local public authorities, service providers, frontline specialists and other professionals as well as local NGOs to provide an effective emergency response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Read the full details of this partnership:

To ensure the smooth implementation of the project and ensure the achievement of its objectives, four cooperation agreements with local public authorities from Floreşti, Ialoveni, Glodeni and Teleneşti districts were signed, and activity plans have been developed in partnership with them, meeting approval by the respective District Councils.