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The importance of the bond between mother and child


The importance of the bond between mother and child

On the 05.08.2015 at 10 a.m. in the Community Centre building, Lumos and Gen. Toshevo Municipality will organise an event aiming to highlight the importance of the bond between mother child bond from the first moments of a child’s life, to developing a stable and long term relationship that guarantees the development and well being of the child. Participants in the event will include representatives of Lumos, the deputy mayor of General Toshevo Mr. Georgiev, the manager of the City Medical Centre, youth volunteers of Bulgarian Red Cross, mediators from the Social Inclusion Project and mothers and children from the local area.

"Informing mothers of the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby followed by healthy feeding for the child supports the development of confident parenting skills, stable emotional bonds and minimises the risk of abandonment for families at risk” explains Snezhana Vankova, Lumos Team Leader in Dobrich.

The format of the event will include a lecture on the topic of breastfeeding and early childhood development delivered by the head of the local medical center Dr. Naneva followed by a Q&A session with the mothers. After that Kana Dyakova will talk about daily regimes for the baby, gymnastics and healthy diet. Mrs. Dyakova has been working as a visiting nurse for 7 months supporting more than 30 families as part of the Lumos supported program for prevention and support of families at risk in several municipalities in the region. In the meantime Youth Red Cross volunteers will be entertaining the children with many games and a creativity corner. In addition to that, small gifts have been provided by the municipality for every child.

“We welcome and support Lumos’ initiative for taking part in the World Breastfeeding Week, which will help the inclusion of our young Roma mothers in this international event” reaffirms deputy mayor of General Tosgeva Mr. Georgi Georgiev.

This event is part of the joint efforts of Lumos and Gen. Toshevo Municipality to prevent abandonment of children in institutions and increase parenting capacity for families at risk. Scientific research and good practices in the last decades have highlighted early childhood as the most important period in our development. The data clearly shows that the secure and stimulating family environment, the emotional bond with caring adults and good nourishment helps the child develop its full potential.

За повече информация: Нела Вампорова, Връзки с обществеността и комуникации, Лумос България,, моб. тел. 0889736589, тел. 02 85 16 84.