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Moldovan children to be guaranteed a life without fear of violence or neglect


Moldovan children to be guaranteed a life without fear of violence or neglect

Moldova’s new Child Protection Strategy for 2014-2020 will ensure that its children grow up in a safe and protected environment, both in their homes and within wider society, thanks to the results of a recent workshop which took place on 6th – 8th of May in Chisinau and resulted in the creation of a new national action plan on protecting children’s rights in the country. This action plan is focused on making sure the needs of children and families around the country are met, and that any hurdles that they might face are dealt with effectively. Participants in the workshop – including specialists from ministries and international NGOs – tackled several important topics including the development of services for vulnerable children and families, the development of legislative and normative framework, and the necessary human resources required within the system of protecting children’s rights.

The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, in partnership with UNICEF and Lumos Moldova. 60 delegates were in attendance and included specialists from the field of child protection, experts from local and international NGOs, and representatives from local public authorities.

During development of the action plan, participants were focused on how best to help children and families recognise situations of child abuse, violence and neglect, and how to inform them about services they can make use of when they feel that a child’s rights are being compromised. An information and support platform was proposed for children with parents living abroad, who represent one of the groups most at risk of abuse.

In order to prevent child abandonment and cases of abuse and violence against children, different services will be created and then coordinated at community or regional level. These will include: psychosocial services for families and child victims of abuse and neglect, maternity centres for mothers and their children, and youth-friendly health care centres. Additionally, national programmes for the development of parental skills will be created, aiming to promote nonviolent child-rearing practices.

Partners involved in developing the action plan have expressed their confidence that, with efficient and responsible implementation, the new Child Protection Strategy will reduce the number of children living outside of family-based care, and reduce instances of child abuse, neglect and exploitation.

This latest workshop is part of the ongoing strategic planning process for Moldova’s new Child Protection Strategy for 2014-2020. This process began in July last year, at which time Lumos and other stakeholders met to work together on a new plan for deinstitutionalisation in Moldova, which was based on the results of a strategic review of the system of child protection conducted by Lumos and key Moldovan ministries.

Lumos is pleased that both Moldovan authorities and civil society bodies have joined their experience and knowledge on this issue, and is proud to have been involved in this important process that will be of such benefit to the futures of Moldovan children.