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Setting up a fundraising page

To set up a fundraising page please visit the links below. Don’t forget to set a target on you fundraising page, this is the best way to motivate people to donate.


If you are fundraising in the USA for Lumos Foundation USA, we recommend setting-up a page with CrowdRise.

Set-up a page on CrowdRise

Just Giving

If you are fundraising for Lumos in the U.K., we recommend using Just Giving as your fundraising platform.

Set-up a page on Just Giving

Promoting your fundraising page

Here are some effective ways to get your fundraising rolling and to promote your efforts:

  • Post the link to your page in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram bios and let people know why you are fundraising for Lumos.
  • *Top Tip: Tag and tweet your friends who you think might wish to donate – this is a great way to promote your page and encourage donations*
  • Message your friends, family and colleagues explaining why you are fundraising and how they can get involved.
  • *Top Tip: People respond far better to personal messages as opposed to being part of a group message*
  • Keep your friends and family up to date with your preparations and progress towards your fundraising target. This can help you to stay motivated too. Some fundraising platforms offer a way of contacting your supporters throughout your journey, to help with this
  • Thank everyone who donates. Your fundraising page will let you know when someone has donated, send them a message of thanks to let them know how much it means to you.
  • *Top Tip: Thanking people publicly by posting and tagging them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram encourages other friends to donate too.”
  • Tweet us at @lumos, tag us on Instagram @wearelumos, or join the conversation on Facebook and let us know about your fundraising efforts.
  • Include the link to your fundraising page on your email signature, blog or website.