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Children belong in families,
not orphanages

Ensuring No Child is Left Behind

Institutional care is inherently harmful for children’s physical and cognitive development. We aim to highlight the various factors that continue to drive children into institutions including poverty, insufficient access to quality education, and gender and ethnic-based discrimination.

Our report - A Goal Within Reach: Ending the Institutionalization of Children to Ensure that No One is Left Behind -  defines this global problem and proposes global solutions in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Featuring a variety of global thought leaders, the publication comprises twelve thought-provoking articles which tackle the major issues fueling institutionalization and how to achieve transformative change for affected children.

UNGA 2019 report

We want to ensure that a focus remains on the millions of institutionalized children around the world who are at risk of being left behind by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Ending the institutionalization of children is more than an aspiration, it is a goal within our reach. Read our report today.

"The inclusion of children in the 2030 Agenda...will not only shine a light on some of the world's most vulnerable children but unleash extraordinary human potential."

Debra Jones, Global Advocacy and Campaigns Director, Lumos

The United Nations Correspondents Association conference with key UN speakers and Lumos, highlighted the drivers surrounding children in institutions, and how the challenges of global development contribute to harmful child institutionalization. Watch the full video here.

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