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Lumos and COVID-19 – our work continues


Lumos and COVID-19 – our work continues

In this constantly changing situation as COVID-19 continues to spread and impact lives across the world, our focus remains on those children who are trapped in orphanages and other institutions, away from their families. It is vital that these children are not forgotten.

Children placed in orphanages and other institutions are kept in confined communal environments, sometimes with unsanitary living conditions, where the virus can spread quickly.

Life is becoming challenging for countries where services are well established and economically robust. In the world’s poorest countries, families already living in poverty face even further strains on their resources, due to the economic uncertainty that the pandemic brings.

Poverty is a key cause of family separation and the potential loss of livelihoods, stretched services and increased pressure will place many children and families in vulnerable situations. We will double down our efforts to ensure that families and communities are strengthened, working with our partners to ensure that governments and other stakeholders are supported and held to account.

Delivering services for some of the world’s most vulnerable children at this time is even more challenging. Taking the advice of the World Health Organisation and national governments, we are adapting quickly to ensure the safety of our staff, partners and the children, families and communities we support.

We will continue to fight for families, to keep them safe, strong and loving; and in doing so, will help weather this storm and help protect their futures.

Your continued help and support in these difficult times has never been more important.

Photography: © 2019 by Home Box Office, Inc. | Brendan Bannon

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