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A Day in the Life of... the Office Assistant

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A Day in the Life of... the Office Assistant

Hi there! My name is Tom Hingston from the Lumos Foundation and I am the Office Assistant, working with the Office Manager and the Travel Officer.

What don’t I do during an ordinary day!? I am the first-point of call for everybody at Lumos, be they Visitors or Staff. I respond to any incoming phone calls, guests to the office and general emails or direct our clients to the correct colleague. For this reason, I have to know every member of staff and their position inside-out! You don’t want a financial call going to our research department!

But I am more than just a receptionist. My job has a lot of interesting aspects. I am in charge of the general purchasing with the use of Lumos’ Credit Card, responsible for millions of invoices that come through to our department every day and I also receive our post. So, if you writing to Lumos, make sure that I get a mention. 😉

I also help to coordinate the many exciting events that Lumos puts on for internal and external staff members to ensure that they have the most productive and useful event that they can possibly have, with the greatest comfort. If you are lucky you might even get some biscuits from me! But you have to be nice to me first (and let me steal one!)!

Depending upon what time it is I will stop for some lunch. I am partial to a Sainsburys meal deal or my famous ham, onion and mayonnaise sandwiches! I also occasionally go out for a walk into Borough market as it is so close and they do some terrific street food.

The best bit about my job is that I get to know every single person around the office pretty closely and that launched me into captaincy of our ‘Lumos Lions’ Softball Team who came 5/6th in their league in our first year! It was thoroughly enjoyable and I even managed to get four or five home runs! Lumos are very big on staff welfare and social nights out to ensure that we work hard and we play hard! We have even just implemented a social committee.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short blog about my role and about Lumos. I hope that you come and visit us soon! #lumoslionsroar