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Ground-breaking Agreement Will Strengthen Moldova’s Future


Ground-breaking Agreement Will Strengthen Moldova’s Future

WASHINGTON DC, October 30 – Moldova’s children in adversity have received a major boost with the signing of an agreement between the Moldovan Government and the Global Alliance for Children, the first international public-private partnership specifically designed to ensure that all children reach their full human potential.

The agreement is the first step of a results-based investment strategy to reduce the number of Moldova’s children that are not meeting their developmental milestones, are living outside of family care or are experiencing violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse. Moldova, one of Europe’s smallest and poorest nations, has enthusiastically embraced the three goals of the agreement and with the help of organizations like Lumos, J.K. Rowling’s international children’s charity and founding member of the Alliance, has made significant strides toward ‘deinstitutionalisation’. Since 2009, it has helped take more than 7,000 children out of institutions to be reunited with families and supported in their communities.

The Prime Minister of Moldova, Iurie Leancă, signed the agreement, saying: “I am happy that we will work together to overcome the problems that our children face, especially those from socially vulnerable families. I look with optimism at our cooperation which will benefit children from Moldova; I hope we make progress and build good examples in solving the problems we face.

In signing the agreement, Alliance members pledged to provide technical and financial support to Moldova as it continues to move away from the use of institutional care and build upon existing child protection services. Dr. Neil Boothby, former USG Special Advisor on Children in Adversity and Chair of the Global Alliance for Children’s Leaders Council, said Monday’s agreement is an important step forward for Moldova. “Brain science tells us that children who are stunted, are living in institutions or are surrounded by toxic stress do not meet their physical, intellectual or emotional potential and when that happens too often, a nation as a whole is impacted. After all, children are the future of any nation.”

The signing of the Memorandum, in the capital Chisinau, was witnessed by the US Ambassador to Moldova, William Moser, the UK’s ambassador, Phil Batson, as well as representatives from the Moldovan Government and the Global Alliance, including Lumos.

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About the Global Alliance for Children

The Global Alliance for Children is an alliance of foundations, multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, corporations and experts working to improve the lives of children in adversity. Formed in 2013, the Alliance serves as a platform for action that brings funders, implementers, and policy experts together to ensure that each and every child reaches their full developmental potential.

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