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Brizzy Voices - Vlogger

Children belong in families,
not orphanages

Gaming Livestream with Twitch

Brizzy is the owner of YouTube page Brizzy Voices, she is a Vlogger and Voice Over artist. She took part in a live gaming event for Lumos.

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Why Lumos?

I've been raising money for Lumos because I know the terrible impact a rough childhood can have on a person for the rest of their lives. Without enough individual love and care, a child feels unwanted and unimportant, and they may find it difficult learning to love themselves and others. 

Fiction though it may be, Voldemort is a big example of that. The Harry Potter series means the world to me so JK Rowling is what brought Lumos to my attention.

What I Did

I fundraise by streaming video games live on I've been streaming for a couple years now but typically just accepted personal donations. I started to feel guilty about getting donations I don't need, but knew that the viewers enjoyed contributing. So I started announcing that all donations would go to Lumos. The viewers send in donations for the cause while I interact with them and play games. Each contributor has the option of adding a message that is read aloud on the stream. It was received really well and gives so much more meaning to my streams.

Amount raised: $3,725

We have raised over $3725 for Lumos and have no intentions of stopping any time soon!

If you would like to start fundraising for Lumos or Lumos Foundation USA and have an idea you would like to share, check out our fundraising ideas page and download a fundraising kit today.